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English biography of Sophie Taam, photo by Mathias Girard
Sophie Taam by Mathias Girard



Sophie Taam, born in 1970, is a writer and translator with multidisciplinary experience and interests. She has lived for a long time in Los Angeles before moving to its French twin sister, the city of Nice, after an interlude in the Bavarian Tirol. Her lifeline, which may seem chaotic, has always evolved around the spine of writing, from early on until today, including installation with letters, artist’s books, fiction and  nonfiction, essays and chronicles, and today literary translation.
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  • 2018 // Translation from German to French of the novel from Tabea Bach L’île aux camélias published by the City Press in June 2018
  • 2018 // Translation from English to French of the novel from Ella James Fractured Love  published by the City Press in April 2018
  • 2017 // Publisher research and translation from English to French of the memoir of the contemporary feminist visual artist Judy Chicago Through the Flower – mon combat d’artiste femme, by Presses du Réel published in June 2018
  • 2017 // Co-translation from German to French of the novel from Laura Walden Le serment du Maori published by City Éditions in November 2017
  • 2017 // Co-translation from English to French of the novel from Ann Aguirre Ennemis mortels published by City Éditions in February 2018
  • 2016 // Translation from English to French of the statement of the visual artist Kanene Weston
  • 2016 // Translation from English to French of five poems from the composer singer Alessandra Bosco
  • 2016 // Translation from English to French of the novel from Mansour Bushnaf Chewing-Gum published by Balland Press  in January 2017
  • 2016 // Translation from English to French of the novel from Amir Tag Elsir, Ebola 76, published by Balland Press  in November 2016
  • 2016 // Translation from English to French (non-fiction and poetry) of The Song of Leonard Cohen, from Harry Rasky for publishing in June 2016 by Balland Press house. Portrait of the poet and singer by his friend Harry Rasky, the Canadian producer, including poems and songs by Leonard Cohen
  • 2015 // Translation from English to French of the novel (fictional diary) Lorenza’s diary, from Britt Arenander published in november 2015 by the Chèvre Feuille Étoilée Press house. Nominated for the Left Bank Prize category Foreign fiction
  • February 2015 // In A cafe in space, The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal N°12, American journal, article Awakening: The men in Anaïs Nin’s early life
  • December 2014 //Bilingual magazine mobile album n°03, issue about „Performance, Body, Fiction“, essay Anaïs Nin and the performance
  • March 2014  // Chèvre Feuille Étoilée Press house, publishing of the biography Anaïs Nin, genesis and youth
  • February 2014 // Quebec magazine Inter N°116 issue about „Transfering the experience“ essay The paradoxes of the institutional approach of performances
  • 15-29 October 2013 // contribution to the Festival Saint Narcisse organized by the Urbains de Minuit: daily publishing of my diary with final reading for the ending night of the Festival
  • April-August 2013 //: residency within the European program Leonardo at IMAL, (International Munich Art Lab, Munich, Germany), workshops for the students for blog creation
  • November 2012 // fellowship by the Diable Vauvert Press House for a one-month writer’s residency
  • September 2012 // In the periodical Étoiles d’encre N°51-52, review of the collective work Tiny stories of the arabic revolutions conducted by Wassyla Tamzali
  • September 2012 // In the periodical Lou Can  N° 2 issue about War, essay : Of ego – Is war ego the same as art ego?
  • March 2012  // under the nom de plume de Dahlia Berg, publishing in the revue A cafe in space, The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal N°9 of the article : « Perspectives on Anaïs Nin – The diary, fiction, performance, and contemporaneity »
  • November 2011   //publishing of the text » Qui  a peur d’Anaïs Nin ? ( who is afraid of Anaïs Nin?) « with the black and white photography,  L’art sur le nu with  Eve Carton, in the  revue Etoiles d’encre [Publisher Chèvre Feuille Etoilée]. Signing session during the Salon des éditeurs indépendants, 20 nov. 2011, Paris
  • April 2011 // Publishing of my second novel Archéologie d’une faille with the éditions incognito Press House, with a limited numbered  edition of 7 « Special version for misogynists» including a sickness bag
  •  March 2011 // Publishing of a serie of contemporary postcards «the F… word» with Carted
  • Feb. 2010 // Contemporary Art Center Le Lait in Albi; participation in the  project Le Labo  directed by Ferdinand Corte™  for module Territory/resistance, text on a proposition from Fred Forest
  • January 2009 // Publishing of my first novel Sexuel transfert with the éditions incognito Press House
  • Sept. 2007-Nov. 2008// monthly publication in the regional  weekly newspaper  Le patriote  of my chronicle  titled “The hidden face of art“ with  artist’s visuals of my choice.
  • Dec. 2006// conception, realization and publication  of the  “Hors Série” (special issue/artistic  act  with  artists “Hors Série” i.e. custom made of the  French Riviera ) in collaboration with the weekly newspaper Le Patriote
  • 2005-2008 //Realization and transmission of my artist’s book ONANI II, edition of 7
  • 2002 //Born guilty, poem in the postscript of the second edition of Woman… you will become from Dora Pannozzo-Mochon at the F.E.E.L Press house.




  • Co-production of an experimental video, « Je ne suis pas une petite coupure » with Philipp Rotter during stay at IMAL, artistic project, Munich, Germany, between April and July 2013. Philippe Rotter  now has started studies at the University for Film and television of Munich (HFF)
  • 27 Octobre 2012 : Lecture during the convention AICA-Villa Arson about performances, « Les paradoxes de l’approche institutionnelle des performances »
  • June-October 2012 : Centre d’Art National Art Center Villa Arson, Nice, « A la vie délibérée – A research on performance’s history on the French Riviera from 1951 till today
  • June – october 2011: Villa Arson ( National Contemporary Art Center ) Nice,  ACTION TIME/ ACT 1, A research on performance’s history on the French Riviera from 1951 till today
  • June 2011: Performance V comme… with actress Eve Lafarge during the event Incest’s voices at  MUSEAAV, Nice
  • March 2011: Nice, Art Fair Tous à l’art, performance «La Vida d’artista»
  •  March 2011: Shanghai, China, Longkang Lu Art, «The Birth of a Myth -Part 2- Art in a State of Alertness – remembering Jiaozhou Lu incident», sound piece «I will never go back to China»
  • September 2010: Performance Chant libre série A n°1 featuring Jean Dupuy, for no-made exhibition opening  Cap d’Ail
  • July 2009: Collaborative conception of Festival EchoRporel, MUSEAAV, Nice, performances around the text of my novel Sexuel Transfert  (
  • September 2008: Villa Roc Fleuri, Cap d’Ail, « Toucher » de no-made, installation : «ONANI 3/ terre secrètes» in collaboration with René Galassi
  • September 2007: Villa Roc Fleuri, Cap d’Ail, « Dehors » from no-made, installation : « lament wall, work in progress »
  • 19.05.07: Cannes, MJC Picaud, no-made, 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival , performance Ginger and Fred
  • 06.05.07: Villa Cameline, Nice, exhibition « Cabinet Démocratique », performance for the opening  Hommage : nu descendant un escalier, duo
  • Jan-April 2007: International Contemporary Art Center, Carros, exhibition « As beautiful as a symptom » Ex-voto to the unconscious, « Forever Freud Forever »
  • September 2006: Sept Off, festival of the Mediterranean Photography Show in Harmonia Mundi, Nice, from the series « Nude portraits » in collaboration with Eve Carton
  •  May 2006: Cap D’ail, for no-made  Performance of the unloved tunnel
  • May 2004: upon invitation of curator Tommaso Trini, Biennale of contemporary art , Paraxo Prize, Andorra, Italy, performance Opera d’aria e d’acqua, parte I




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